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Avraham is a 'Tzabar' (a native-born Israeli), a High-Technology professional, an avid traveler, a certified Tour Guide in Hebrew and English, and has a wealth of experience guiding and operating tours in Israel for both groups and individuals. AvrahamTours provides an exciting and enjoyable, moving and enriching experience, thanks to Avraham's extensive knowledge on the subject. A love of the country and its people is a vital ingredient for a successful tour and Avraham has both. He knows Israel, her fascinating history and her many charming secrets.

Israel offers many beautiful sightseeing sites to visitors and travelers. You can find a lot of holiness, glory and fun when you come and visit Israel. You can enjoy Israel by touring its historical and archeological sites and routes, combined with hiking and tracking in Israel’s beautiful nature.

The tours that Avraham is conducting:

  • Business and VIP Tours - Business visitors of High-Tech companies
  • Family Tours - Families and family groups from abroad
  • Bar Mitzvah Tours - With a Bar Mitzvah Service at Masada or the Western Wall in Jerusalem
  • Jewish Heritage Tours
  • Christianity Tours for Pilgrims and Israelis, in Jerusalem and Galilee
  • Jerusalem Tours – The old city, City of David, the gates and the walls and neighborhoods, En Kerem, Nahlaot, Jerusalem Tours at Night and much more
  • City Tours - Jerusalem, Jaffa, Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv, Acre, Haifa, Tiberius, Safed, Rosh Pinah, Zikhron Jacob, Ramla  
  • History Tours – Jerusalem, Caesarea, Masada, Beit She'an, Beit Shearim, Tzippori, Qumran, Bible Oriented tours
  • Tours of Jordan and Petra
  • Motorized Tours - Off-road Vehicles drive
  • South – Desert trips, Dead Sea, Nabataeans
  • Hiking and Tracking Tours – Judean Desert, Negev, Carmel, Galilee, Golan Heights
  • Water Tours – Galilee and Golan Heights rivers, rivulets and waterfalls
  • Wine Tours – wineries, vineyards and wine tasting
  • Tailored Tours – to your preference
  • Fun days and Special Attractions Tours – Off-road Vehicles, horses, mock sports, Hide and Seek in the caves
  • Other personal fitting tours in many wonderful place

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