Adventures in the Golan Heights

Adventures in the Golan Heights
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Golan Heights
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The Golan Heights is very special area in the north east of Israel.

The Golan Heights were created as result of huge Volcanos eruptions, few million years ago.
We will see few impressive geological formations, a Paleo-Magnetism site where North Pole is South, an old Jewish city that were destroyed. We will visit nice water springs and pools, and visit an ancient megalithic monument consisting of concentric circles of stones.

Golan Heights

Drive north for about 2 hours, to the Golan Heights.
It's a long one-day tour from Tel Aviv.

Visit the Paleo-magnetism site, that shows different magnetic poles that we know.

Mount Bental is an ancient Volcano, and allow us to observe the border with Syria.

Gamla is a Jewish city, that took part in the revolt against the Romans, and were destroyed close to 2000 years ago. It is home to an ancient synagogue, and a nature reserve for the local vulture population.

We will visit water springs and pools; they are all over the Golan. It is very refreshing in Summer days.

Ein Aya
Ein Su-Yerach

Rujm el Hiri - In the middle of the Golan Heights, there is a special ancient megalithic monument consisting of concentric 3 circles of stones. 4500 years old, diameter of 156 meters. In the middle, there is hill of stones, 5 meters high, with ancient grave inside. There are thousands of stones in this monument, 40-ton overall weight!

Note: this site needs off road vehicle, and is accessible in weekends only.

Rujm el Hiri - The Monument in the Landscape (from air)

We will have a winery visit as well, to have wine tasting.


  • Few of the sites are not accessible in Winter, because of mud, others are not accessible in week days, because of firing zone.
  • Few of the sites need off-road vehicle, which I own.

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Adventures in the Golan Heights

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Golan Heights
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