Christianity in the Galilee

Christianity in the Galilee
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Most of the ministry of Jesus was done in sites around the Galilee: in Nazareth, and 3 years around the Sea of Galilee, creating new community.

The tour is exploring Christian sites in Nazareth and around the Sea of Galilee, during a day.

The tour explores the Annunciation to Mary in Nazareth, Mount Beatitudes, the Miracle of the Multiplication and St. Peter Primacy Tabha and Capernaum.

About 2 hours' drive from Tel Aviv.

Drive to Nazareth. Visit the Church of Annunciation, on top of the house of Mary. Visit St. Joseph Church, the house of Joseph. Jesus prayed in the Synagogue Church, we will visit that place as well.

Drive to Mount Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount Church. The place has wonderful scenery to the Sea of Galilee.

In Tabha we will visit the Church of the Multiplication, of the Fishes and Loves. Not far away, we will visit St. Peter Primacy Church, where Jesus collected the first disciples, and prepare food for his people.

Capernaum is the City of Jesus. We will see a synagogue and the village.

South to the Sea of Galilee, there is the Jordan River. We will visit the Baptism Site. You can make re-dedication; make sure to have bathing suits.

Close to the Sea of Galilee, there is a place that shows a Boat from the first century AD. The boat has been found few years ago in the coast covered with mud. May be that this boat is from Jesus time.

We will have lunch by the Sea of Galilee.

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Christianity in the Galilee

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