Bedouins in Judea Desert

 Bedouins in Judea Desert
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Judean Desert
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Bedouins of the Judea Desert, past and present

You will be introduced to the nomadic shepherds of the Judea Desert area, to their unrecognized villages, the fascinating Bedouin culture, romance, beliefs, myths and more. Bedouin wandering is done in order to find food for the goats and camels.

There are six different Bedouins tribes in the Judea Desert, we will visit the Jahalin tribe.

We will deal with the history and development of the Bedouin settlement in the Judea Desert.

There is an option to have Bedouins hospitality is a Bedouin village, including black coffee, herbal tea, and meal.

Bedouin tents


Labaneh cheese, olives, Za’atar, and fresh vegetables
Bedouins cook

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Bedouins in Judea Desert

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Judean Desert
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