Dead Sea and Masada

Dead Sea and Masada
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Judean Desert
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The drive to the area is via the Judean Desert, the smallest desert in the world.

The Dead Sea is the Lowest Place on Earth, -430 meters below the Sea Level. Floating in the Dead Sea, is an experience that you should not skip.

Masada is an UNESCO World Heritage site. The fortress and palaces were built by King Herod. You will be exposed to the story of the Jewish rebels' final stand against the Roman.

The tour includes an overlook over the stunning St. George Monastery, that is built on a cliff in the Desert.

About 2. 5 hours' drive from Tel Aviv.

Drive to the Dead Sea area, going through the Judean Desert.

Visit Masada site, get to the top of the mount with cable car.

Float in the Dead Sea, in one of the beaches.

There is a possibility to add (if there is time) and visit in En Gedi Nature Reserve, and/or Qumran, the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written.

On the way back, have wonderful overlook over St. George Monastery in the desert. The Monastery was built in the Byzantine period.

We will have lunch in the Dead Sea area.

Note: Make sure to have bathing suits and towels, for the Dead Sea.

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Dead Sea and Masada

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Judean Desert
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