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Masada was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its inscription on the prestigious list epitomized its outstanding universal significance, which must be protected for the benefit of all humanity.

Masada was the last bastion of Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans; its fall signaled the violent destruction of the kingdom of Judea at the end of the Second Temple period (year 73ad). The tragic events of the last days of the rebels at Masada transformed it into both a Jewish culture icon and a symbol of humanity's continuous struggle for freedom from oppression - the dramatic choice of freedom by death over captivity and life as a slave of the Romans.

The buildings in Masada were built by Herod, king of Judea. Masada was a palatial fortress in the style of the ancient Roman. The camps, fortifications, and assault ramp at its base constitute the most complete surviving ancient Roman siege system in the world.

In addition, we can see in Masada the fortress's elaborate water system, and the remains of many structures build by the Jewish rebels such as those of the Synagogue and the ritual bath (Mikve).

We can access this Judean fortress by climbing the Snake Trail (Snake Path) and arriving at the top just in time to see the sunrise, or we can take the cable car.

We will discuss the defenders of Masada, their struggles at the end of the Second Temple period, and their dramatic choice of freedom by death over captivity and life as a slave of the Romans.

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Judean Desert
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