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If you wish to experience a tour that combines walking and viewing the beauty of Israel from a bird's eye view, you can do this with a private and luxurious flight.

Flights are available from the center of Israel to the different locations:

Rosh Pinah

Flying north along the coastline, you will pass the Hadera Power Plant's tall chimneys, the Jezre'el Valley, and Mount Tabor. After flying over the Sea of Galilee and landing at Rosh Pinah, a waiting vehicle will escort you on a tour of the region; Safed, Rosh Pinah, the Golan Heights and more. You can also add a visit to one of the Galilee wineries for a delectable wine tasting, or pamper yourself with a massage at the Mitzpeh HaYamim Hotel.


On a flight south on the coast from Tel Aviv you will see Ashdod and Ashkelon. Then flying east over Arad and the Judean Desert, you will have a magnificent view of the Dead Sea before landing at the Masada landing field. A waiting vehicle will then take you on a tour of the area and you will visit Masada, the Dead Sea, and the David Stream Nature Reserve. You will have a chance to float in the Dead Sea and have a mud bath with the famous Dead Sea mud, and then choose from many other glorious treatments offered in the local Spa.


Alternatively, you can enjoy an extra special flying experience, by Helicopter, which allows you to visit almost any destination in Israel. It's a great way to cover large distances in one day and get to explore different sites in remote locations. Landing in the yard of a winery for holding a glass of fine wine in the Golan heights, or to the far desert where we will get to explore the area with a pampering SUV. If you wish to skip traffic, helicopter ride can be the best and fun solution for you.

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Flying Tours

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