Jerusalem New City

Jerusalem New City
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This tour is of sites outside the historical Old City of Jerusalem.

This tour goes back in the history of Jerusalem and Israel, old and modern.

Widely considered one of the most significant archaeological finds of all time, the Dead Sea Scrolls make up the tens of thousands of parchment and papyrus fragments written 2000 years ago, belonging to approximately 1000 different texts, including the oldest known manuscripts of the five-books of the Hebrew Bible.

In Herodion, you will see the most important palaces of King Herod, and his tomb.

The Holocaust Museum tells the story of the Jewish during the Second World War.

We will visit the following sites:

  • Herodion archeological National Park.
  • Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Israel Museum, the oldest bible books in the world.

About 1. 5 hours' drive from Tel Aviv.

We will visit the following sites:

  • Drive to Herodion National Park, south to Jerusalem. This is the place where King Herod, choose to build two of his palaces, and later on prepared a place to build his big tomb. Herodion is one of the most beautiful archeological sites and stories in Israel.
  • Yad Vashem. The historical museum describes the Jewish community, and the Holocaust during the Second World War. In addition to the historical museum, we will visit the Memorial Tent and the moving Children Memorial.
  • The Israel Museum, for the Dead Sea Scrolls. On the way to the Shrine of the Book, we will see the Model of Jerusalem that describe Jerusalem during the first Century AD. The Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the most important historical founding's in the 20th century. There are the most important bible books, dated the first century BC.

We will have lunch during the day.

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Jerusalem New City

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