Jewish Jerusalem

Jewish Jerusalem
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Learn about Judaism Heritage, where it all began.

We will visit Jerusalem and find Jewish sites that were build 3000 years ago. It will be a spiritual journey about the unbroken chain of Jewish tradition.

We will visit the following places: The City of David, the Davidson Center (he Archeological Park), the Western Wall, and the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

About 1. 5 hours' drive from Tel Aviv.

We will have walking of about 6 hours, to visit:

The City of David, when Jerusalem became to be the capitol city of Israel, 3000 years ago.

The Davidson Center (the Archaeological Park), to see Jerusalem and the remains of the Second Temple House, that were built by King Herod, where built at the same place of the Temple of King Solomon.

The Western Wall, the only remaining of the Second Temple.

In the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, we will visit the Herodian Quarter (Wohl Archaeological Museum), to see how priests lived 2000 years ago.

The Burnt House tells a story of a Jewish family during the rebel against the Roman.

We will visit the Broad Wall, that were built as the border of Jerusalem 2750 years ago.

We will have lunch in the Old City.

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Jewish Jerusalem

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