The Nabataeans and the Spice Route

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The Nabateans lived in our region for a millennium until the 7th Century. They were a mysterious and resourceful people who managed to prosper in the desert and transport perfumes across great distances to Europe.

In the Negev we will find the remains of their Spice Road (Myrrh and Frankincense), which are part of the larger ancient Perfume Road. We will also see secret water holes and Nabataean cities that later became Byzantine.

This is a full day trip from the Ramon Crater, through the Nekarot Riverbed and to the Arava Road.

We will hear of the mythological Nabataeans and their trade in perfumes and spices along the Spice Road (a.k.a Incense Road) more than 2,000 years ago. We will visit Nabatean mini-fortresses; Chan Muah, Bor Nekarot and, time permitting, Ovdat.

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The Nabataeans and the Spice Route

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