Negev Desert

Negev Desert
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The Negev Desert is very close, the safest in the world, and can be visited in one-day drive from Tel Aviv.

The Negev Desert is rich in spectacular Genesis landscapes, which host impressive geological formations. There are remains of civilizations, ancient archaeological sites, and ancient agriculture in the region.

The Negev Desert hosts people of the desert, the Bedouin tribes, who carried ancient traditions of nomadic life in the desert.


Drive south for about 2 hours, to Beer Sheva. We can visit Abraham's Well.

Continue to Sde Boker, the Desert Home of the first Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Then we will walk to visit the grave of Ben-Gurion, with a beautiful desert landscape.

We will hike to En Ovdat nature reserve, to see an amazing spring in the desert.

Winery visit, and vineyard in the desert, to have wine tasting.

We will see Rock Paintings which were used as communication by desert people, thousands of years ago.

We can have Bedouin hospitality, including lunch, in an authentic Bedouin tent. These Bedouins keep the old desert tradition.

Till 15 hundreds years ago, the Nabatean walked in the desert, and transferred incenses, Myrrh and Frankincense, from the Arabian Peninsula, through the Negev Desert, on the way to Rome. We can visit Ovdat Nabatean / Byzantine city.

There is an option of a short Camel Ride.


  • Visits should be coordinated before the tour.
  • The list includes visits for more than one-day tour. We will select the sites.

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Negev Desert

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