Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Tel Aviv and Jaffa
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What makes Tel Aviv such a special city for everyone? What makes it so fascinate?

In this tour we will explore the past and current life of Tel Aviv.

Tour various places that give an overview of the beautiful city: Sarona the Templer's colony, Rothschild Avenue, the "White City", the Carmel colorful Market.

The tour ends in a visit to the Old City of Jaffa, old and new.

Visit Sarona, a Templers colony that were built by German Lutherans in 1871. Sarona were used later by the British, and the Israeli Army.

Walk through Rothschild Avenue that gives an opportunity to see beautiful houses, part of them represent the "White City", which was defined by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the "International Building Style". This is where the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Ahuzat Bait, were established in1909. In one of the houses, the "Independence Hall", there was the Declaration of Independence of the Israeli State, at May 1948.

Moving on to visit the Carmel Market, which is a beautiful colorful Bazaar with fresh fruits, vegetables and a lot of food (Note: closed on Saturday).

Finally, you will visit Old Jaffa, a city of more than 4000 years old. There are many wonderful places and stories about the old and current Jaffa, the Ottoman city, the beautiful alleys and the port.

We will have lunch during the day, in Jaffa, Carmel Market, or other nice place.

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Tel Aviv and Jaffa

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Tel Aviv
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